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Hull Pledge's Response to the 'Cass Review'

In response to the Cass review, it is imperative to denounce it unequivocally for what it truly is: transphobic propaganda masquerading as legitimate discourse. The review's blatant use of unacceptable tropes, such as portraying trans individuals as autistic or confused, serves no purpose other than to fuel discrimination and further marginalise an already vulnerable community; under the pretence of caring for neurodiverse people.

Gender affirming healthcare is not only essential but lifesaving for countless trans individuals. Denying access to such vital care not only perpetuates unimaginable suffering and distress among young trans people but also poses dire implications for adults. The notion that healthcare decisions for trans individuals should be subject to biased scrutiny is not only unjust but also dangerous.

The recent announcement of a review into Adult Gender Identity Services by the NHS following Dr. Cass's findings is deeply concerning. This move threatens to exacerbate the already challenging landscape for trans healthcare and could have far-reaching consequences for the wellbeing of trans individuals across the board.

We call upon all LGBTQIA+ organisations to stand in solidarity against this abhorrent attack on trans healthcare. We also reject Stonewall's complacency in the face of such blatant discrimination, their statement in it’s entirety is reductive, harmful, and overall unacceptable. 

Trans individuals not only deserve healthcare but also deserve suitable, accessible, and life-saving treatment. This is not up for debate; it is a fundamental human right. We must unite in condemnation of the Cass review and any other attempts to undermine the rights and dignity of trans individuals.

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