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Hull Pledge Statement Calling for a Casey Style Review of Humberside Police 22/03/23

Yesterday we saw a Sky News Report demonstrating misconduct/Misogyny towards a serving female staff member within Humberside Police, for weeks now we have been trying to make contact with the leadership of Humberside police due to the current responses to our ongoing HU2HU survey calling into disrepute the police’s attitudes towards the LGBTQIA+ community in Hull, including purposeful misgendering of hate crime victims when taking victims statements.

After receiving no reply, and after seeing that this goes beyond the LGBTQIA+ community, to misogyny against a cisgender officer, and having seen the statement of a counter protester at a far right rally claiming police ignored racial slurs shouted in front of them, we are now calling for a full scale review into the culture of Humberside Police.

This review is needed to restore trust in the Humberside Police, and to get to the bottom of these claims, which damage relations between the police, minority groups, and victims of harassment, abuse, and other crimes.

Hate Crime Statistics show that over the past year in Humberside 379 hate crimes based on sexual orientation were recorded, and 68 hate crimes based on gender identity were recorded. According to stonewall, four in five hate crimes go unreported, so this number could be significantly higher.

In order for hate crimes to be reported, victims must have confidence in the police to deal with the crime properly, with no discrimination and they must be expected to treat the victim with dignity and respect, in some cases brought to our attention this is not the case.

The following quotes are taken from our ongoing Help Us to Help You 2023 survey:

“The police need to take this more seriously. When I reported to the police they said to call back if it happens again? I was beaten up.”

“One officer said to me that people are allowed to have different opinions after I reported someone for planning arson. On another occasion I was repeatedly misgendered, the officer remarked on my visible discomfort at being misgendered by them and effectively told me to put up with it while they were taking my statement.”

“In my experience a lot of police don't actually understand what hate crime or harassment is.”

“I’ve not reported it because the police have not been interested and have even been rude to me”

These responses were immediately collated and attempts to make contact with the leadership of Humberside Police were made with no response.

The past few days reporting of Police Misconduct within the Humberside Police have called into question what the cultures are within the force, and serves to damage the trust within marginalised communities where trusting the Police was already difficult. Coupled with direct quotes from our survey respondents, we believe the only course of action going forward is for Humberside Police to undergo a Casey Style Investigation, with the results made available to the public.

We hope to hear our call has been heeded, for the security and trust of all minority groups, victims of crimes and citizens of Kingston upon Hull.

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