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Queerphobia Alert.

Last week we made the decision to announce a Queerphobia Alert for Hull and East Yorkshire in order to ensure as many members of the LGBTQIA+ community as possible were made aware of the risks to their safety and wellbeing.

This was not an easy decision to make, however it was an absolutely necessary step to ensure the safety of members of our community. We will now break down our reasoning for taking this unprecedented decision.

First we looked at the Hate Crime statistics in Humberside Police’s jurisdiction which sets out that in 2021 there were 60 Hate Crimes against Transgender people, followed by 81 in 2022, and then we saw that between January 18th- April 18th 2023, 26 hate crimes have occurred. 12 of those in one month (almost as many as the total in 2017 which was 27). On a weekly basis between 18th march and 18th april, 3 transgender people became victims of hate crimes.

If this upward trend continues the yearly total of hate crimes against Trans people will be over 100, an unprecedented number in the history of Recorded hate crimes against Trans people in the area.

We then took into account the fact that four in five hate crimes go unreported in the first place, and so the number is likely to be much, much higher.

Then we took into account the Hate Crimes that we had personally been made aware of through direct contact from the victims of the crimes, some of which have alleged discriminatory behaviour by the police. Incidents involved gang attacks, and attacks in pub bathrooms, attacks by individuals in the street, spitting, shouting, threats, etc. These crimes left victims in hospital with such consequences as brain bleeds and severe emotional distress.

Finally we took our HU2HU survey results into account, in which 71% of respondents stated that they themselves had been victims of hate.

Due to the fact that, despite the rising rates of hate crimes in the city, and the presence of far rights groups, there have been no new strategies from the police or politicians in the area, and the likelihood of their apathy leading to further incidents if not deaths at the hands of hateful bigots, we were left with no opportunity than to declare a Queerphobia alert, insuring maximum spread of awareness and public safety strategies such as travelling in groups etc.

This is not scaremongering, the situation is dire and the risks are high.

We urge the Police, City Council, and MPs to take action now. We would like to discuss this threat to our existence with you, but if we have to protest and be loud we will.

We would much rather arrange a protest than a vigil.

Hull Pledge.

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